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We will make sure you will find exact puppy match for you

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We will make sure you will find exact puppy match for you

Who we are

We are dog-loving enthusiasts who believe that a dog is a superior life form that has its values prioritized the right way. Because of that, it is our mission to ensure that each dog or puppy that comes through our site finds its way to truly deserving owners.

If you have noticed by now, everything on our site is related to dogs, the care of dogs, training and ultimately educating you, the future owner, how to truly love and care for dogs. We have articles, blog posts, videos and other educational material to ensure that you will gain all of the necessary information needed to give your dog or puppy the life it truly deserves.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated staff who is always ready to help you out whether you only have a simple question about your dog’s characteristics or some basic healthcare that you might want to know about. We’re also happy to hear from you and listen to your stories of just how great your dog or puppy is.

We love dogs, and we want to make sure that the whole world will have a better understanding of dogs and will love them just as much as we do!


Our mission and vision

At Dogspuppiesforsale.com we may have lofty dreams but we aim to achieve them each day that we exist. Here is our mission and vision and we hope that you will support us to ensure that we can uphold them.



To educate people on better appreciation and love for dogs and puppies of all breeds from all over the world.

To provide the necessary information to ensure better dog care.

To provide information in an entertaining manner for all dog lovers to appreciate.

To continuously update all of our features and services to ensure that we are always current and up to date in catering to your needs whether they are educational, informational or just plainly entertaining as long as it concerns dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes.



To become the number one resource for people for anything related to the care and appreciation of dogs and puppies of all breeds and from all over the world.


Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

We believe that we should learn from dogs to separate what is truly important it life.

A dog will love you no matter what your social status is, nationality or gender. A dog will never talk lies or hurt your feelings. Dogs will always be happy to see you come home and spend time with you. This is what we believe in and this is why we are working with dogs.

A dog can also be a very positive factor in your life. As soon as you get one, your entire world will change. Now you have an animal partner that relies on you just as much as you will on him.

Your dog can enrich your life by letting you meet new people when you take him out for a walk. Children will have a better understanding of how responsibility works if they have to take part in taking care of the family dog. And last, but not the least, a dog is a truly great companion whether you are living alone or you have a large family.

And we haven’t even mentioned the health benefits you can get just by accompanying your dog on regular walks around the block.

So, why do we love dogs so much? That’s easy! It’s because dogs love us more!


Buying and Selling Dogs and Puppies

On our web site you can buy or sell puppies in the USA. You can post an ad or browse through our list of available puppies. There is no fee attached to buying a puppy, however there is a fee to sell one - this way we can control scammers.

We’ve heard horror stories involving the buying and selling of dogs and puppies in the past that have ended up in people not getting what they truly ordered or end up scammed by crooks. We don’t want that and we’re here to change the game.

dogs puppies for sale is 100% legit and registered as a US based business involved in the trade of dogs and puppies. We hold our reputation in strictest confidence and strive to be the leading resource in this business niche.

It is in our best interest, as well as yours to protect your security regarding online purchases, especially if it involves dogs. Although we find it hard to part with our furry friends, it gives us great satisfaction to know that they will eventually end up in the hands of customers who will truly love and appreciate them.

We also advice sellers on our site to have their dogs and puppies receive all vaccinations, immunizations and other necessary shots to ensure that the customer looking to get one will receive a totally healthy dog with all the paperwork involved in order.

We screen potential sellers to ensure that they operate responsibly, morally and legitimately within and without the USA. This is also to ensure that all the dogs that go through our site are not products of those dastardly puppy mills we’ve all heard about.

Potential buyers are also screened to ensure that they are physically and mentally capable of taking care of the dogs and puppies we have on this site. We also try to make sure that they have the right facilities to ensure that the dog they get is properly housed and taken care of.

For people looking to get a puppy or a dog through us, if you do have any questions, just ask us and we’ll be glad to help you out.


Fun features

This website is intended for people of all walks of life. You may have a dog now (or several) or you just might be thinking of getting one for yourself. If you are, this is the best site for you! We have several fun features to give you a better appreciation of our furry friends and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two just by browsing through all of our entries.

Here are some fun features you’ll find in our site:

Educational posts

Our advocacy includes educating people on the love and care of dogs. To make sure that we can do just that, our posts include the history, temperament, healthcare and other informational tid-bits that will help you know more about your beloved pet.

It’s always a good thing to know more about our furry, canine friends and every bit of information we have to offer is targeted at making sure your pet and you have a long and loving relationship based on trust and responsible knowledge!

Check out our posts and share your ideas with us as well.


Canine Videos All Day Long

The internet is inundated with a multitude of videos involving dogs and puppies. We have sorted these videos in meticulous categories to ensure that you will find the video you’re looking for without wasting time looking all over the internet for it. These may be educational videos or plainly fun videos for your entertainment! We have it all. So, why don’t you come and spend some time watching dogs just be dogs and have a great time doing so?

You can also submit your very own home videos and we’ll post it on our site for you!


Pictures paint a thousand words

Another way to showcase our love for dogs is through the thousands of enjoyable pictures we have of dogs on this site. We understand that words are aimed to educate you but pictures can give you just as much information. Browse through our pictures and have a great time seeing all our dogs, puppies and owners having the times of their lives in many different poses.

You can even submit your own photos for others to enjoy as well! We would love to see your photos with your dogs and it would give us great pleasure to include us in our “family” album!


Testimonials from other Dog Lovers from all over the world

We can’t help but share the love on this site. Dog lovers just want to share great things about their pets and we have it here as well. Read through heart warming stories involving dogs and their owners and maybe you can share your very own story too! We’d love to hear your story and if we like it well enough, we’ll share it with the rest of the community!


Fun interaction with our staff

What can we say? We’re crazy about dogs! If you ever need someone to talk to about dogs, we’ll be right here waiting! We’d love to listen to what you have to say about dogs and puppies and we’ll even share our own anecdotes with you. It’s a win-win situation!


The power of social media

We understand that the Internet has given everyone the capability of being in contact with just about anyone almost immediately through social media sites. This is why we also have social media site accounts to ensure that we can connect with you and make sure we can cater to your needs as soon as possible.

Find us on: Facebook, Twitter and on our other social media accounts so we can be friends and be connected at all times!


Be a part of our growing community

Dogspuppiesforsale.com isn’t all about business. We are also a community of dog lovers intent on growth. We welcome people from all walks of life whether they already have a dog or not. We do have one requirement: You must love dogs!

Not a hard requirement to fulfil, right? We mean, who can say no to a dog? These cute animals will steal your hearts within minutes of just being with them.

Our community is a highly interactive one. We just love it when people who share a common love for animals end up making connections with other like minded people!

So come on and join us! Sign up and become a member of dogspuppiesforsale.com!


And other stuff!

You can be sure that we’ll be adding more features to this site to satiate your thirst for anything dog related. We have a lot of things lined up to make sure we’ll continue to be the top and most loved site that caters to dog lovers all over the world.

We have more posts, videos and dogs and puppies coming to the site every day. We’ll also feature products, advice from dog care specialists and experts and more educational stuff to ensure that your dog gets everything they truly deserve. We’ll also have contests and other fun stuff to keep you entertained!

So, keep coming back for more interesting things in the future!


Other Services

In addition to this web site, we also have a line of natural amber tick and flea repellent. We are making amber necklaces for Pets that prevent ticks and fleas as well as emphasize your pets personality. You can find out more about this product at www.amberpetnecklace.com

Aside from basic healthcare products, our services include consultations involving anything about dogs. We are always ready to help so shoot us an email with your questions and you can rest assured that we will respond to it in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions about your dog’s healthcare, we can have experts respond to you so that you can address your concerns properly.


Contact Us:

If you have any questions, comments or proposals, feel free to contact us via our contact us form or you can email us at: 

We will entertain all forms of communication and you can expect a response within 24 hours from the time we receive your message.


There is so much information out there in the Internet about dogs. But do you have the time to sift through everything to get the information you need? You might end up feeling like you're searching for a needle in a haystack. Worry no more! We at dogspuppiesforsale.com aim to give you the information that you truly need when you need it through our must read content. We also provide information in the most fun way possible. Over time, we have collected thousands of videos, articles and personal stories from dog lovers all over the world so you can have the information you need at once. And we can't wait to give it to you! Here you'll find information on: Basic puppy care, bringing your puppy home for the first time, feeding your puppy properly, training your puppy to grow up to be an obedient dog and any other information out there that can help you make his life a wonderful one with you and your family! You can choose from our video and article archive easily with a click of a few buttons to maximize the information you get and to shorten your learning curve as to what it takes to be the ultimate pet dog owner! Dogspuppiesforsale.com also strives to provide you with the latest information out there so we continue to hunt down information and present it to you here on a daily basis so check back as often as you like because we will never run out of good info for you! And who would get tired of looking at awesome dog videos, reading great stories and basically find out more about these cute pets? So what are you waiting for? Dive in and have some fun after all, we had a lot of fun getting this information for you as well! Enjoy! more must read content about puppies


Dogs are everywhere! That's a lot of stories to share! Dogspuppiesforsale.com knows that each dog is unique and each owner has a story to tell about our beloved pets. All that is needed is a stage from which they can share their stories and an appreciative audience that will spread the word about our love for our furry friends. Lucky for us, we live in a world where information can be shared with another person hundreds and thousands of miles away from us in just a few seconds with a click of a few buttons! With dogspuppiesforsale.com you are joining a community of dog lovers sharing information about their beloved pets. Thanks to the power of social media, you can now share information about your beloved pet through several platforms and reach millions of people. You can share the information you get here on: Google +, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and a whole lot of other Social media Platforms! Sharing knowledge will also give you a chance to connect with people who love dogs in the same manner as you. You can get first hand information about their stories, their lives and every fascinating bit of information that they are willing to share with you! Through you, we can reach more people than we dare to imagine and we are truly thankful for that. This drives us to continue our efforts of providing excellent customer service and collecting anything and everything related to dogs so you can continue to enjoy being with us and sharing our site to other people. Sharing is giving and we are all about sharing and giving! So share information and share it now! And while you're at it, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and add us on Facebook and Google +. See you there! more shares about puppies


Owning a dog may be fun but it is also filled with a lot of responsibility. We, at Dogspuppiesforsale.com want to make sure you have the right information with you at all times so you can ensure that your puppy is well taken care of from the time you bring him home until he grows up into a fine addition to your little family! We have articles on basic puppy information, what to expect and how to deal with your puppy. We also have basic training guides that any pet owner should have. These articles range from crate training, basic obedience training and even advanced tips and tricks! This way, you'll always have nice things to try out and your puppy will always have new things to learn! Dogspuppiesforsale.com is composed of a team of dog lovers and we have first-hand experience on how to make your dogs happy. We provide expert advice on basic to advanced dog care, from walking your dog, potty training and performing click training. We have years of experience and success to back this information up and we are happy to share it with you. We at dogspuppiesforsale.com have also had the joy of experiencing dogs from different breeds from the common household pet to the more exotic examples you'll find on our site. All dogs are unique and it is always fun to find out surprising personalities behind each example of our furry friends. So if you need expert advice on anything concerning your dog, we have it here and we'd love to share it with you. After all, your dog is unique and who knows? We might also learn a thing or two from you and your beloved pet! Browse through our collection of articles, comment and most importantly tell us what you think so we can help you and also add your experience to ours for the benefit of the whole community!