Maltese dogs are probably the cuddliest and most loveable toy dogs in existence today. If you take care of their yapping issues early on when they’re in their puppy stage, you’ll have a highly enjoyable pet that everyone will love!



Like most small toy dogs, Maltese dogs descended from “ratters”. Their extremely small size and courage make them perfectly suited for rodent control purposes. Nowadays, Maltese dogs are used for exhibition purposes.



Little clouds of powder walking around, that’s the most apt description of what maltese dogs look like. Maltese dogs are well known for their white coats which their owners love to style in every way possible. These are extremely small dogs with bright eyes and an intelligent air around them.

Most of the cuteness these little puppies have are often added on by their owners. It is not uncommon to see a Maltese puppy with a ribbon on its fur scurrying around! 



Most toy dogs have a negative reputation as being high strung and overly protective of their owners. Thankfully, that’s not true with Maltese dogs. With enough socialization, these dogs can be absolute darlings with the sweetest temperament possible in any dog breed.

The only issue you’ll find with these dogs is their tendency to yap incessantly. This can easily be trained out at an early age.


Health and Care

Maltese dogs may look like supermodels but they’re very low maintenance.

You’ll want to keep their coats shiny and fine though, so constant grooming is required. A light application of oil should also keep the tangles away!

They don’t require that much exercise and are happy enough just walking around in your house or backyard.

Maltese dogs are also prone to tooth decay and cavities so make sure you brush your pet’s teeth regularly to avoid premature loss of teeth.


0 Maltese puppies for sale near you.



The Maltese puppies for sale are an ancient breed of dog and has been known by many different names over the years. The Kennel Club in the early 19th century settled on the term “Maltese” for this particular spitz-type of dog. The exact origin of the wonderful little dog, puppies for sale is not really known, but many consider their beginnings as being somewhere in Asia in the distant past. The characteristics of these little puppies for sale are a rounded skull with a black nose, a compact body whose length will equal the height of the dog, drop ears with long hair and dark eyes. They have a very expressive facial look and communicate with their owners through the manipulation of that expression. The coat is long and silky and does not have any undercoating. The color is pure white with a tinge of cream thrown in for good measure. The puppies for sale will grow to range in size from 5-12 pounds. The American Kennel Club has standardized the weight for the Maltese at 4 to 7 pounds. This little cuddly animal thrives on love and any attention that can be received from the owners. Very lively and playful even up to old age makes these puppies for sale desirable to many types of owners. The playful demeanor is constant but the dog can be a little abrupt with smaller children and should be supervised when around the smaller members of the family. Good socialization will mitigate the snapping considerably. The puppies for sale enjoy closed spaces and make good apartment dogs or small yard which makes the dogs attractive to many urban dwellers. Separation anxiety is something that the little puppies for sale suffer from and the owner must realize that any long separation from his human companions will not be tolerated well by the dog. The lack of an undercoat creates less shedding for the dog. Like Poodles and Bichons, these puppies for sale are considered hypoallergenic and do not cause problems for the owners. Regular grooming is a must for the little dog to prevent the fur from matting. The puppy cut is preferred by many owners. Tear staining around the eyes may happen and daily cleaning will mitigate that circumstance. This happening is a function of how much the dogs eyes water over the course of the day and the size of the tear ducts. A fine-toothed comb moistened with warm water will usually be all that is required to take care of this issue. Treats that have considerable food coloring are discouraged and it is even suggested that the dog be watered with distilled water. A condition known as “reverse sneezing” is a result of being excited. It is not a threat to the puppies for sale, but the owner should try to calm the dog down a bit. The Maltese puppies for sale make a wonderful pet, but the children of the owner need to realize that each dog has his own personality and the children will just have to deal with that. There are times when the Maltese just doesn’t want to play and he will snap at a young child, if pushed. These puppies for sale are cute and cuddly, a great companion dog for adults; fun loving, affectionate and entertaining.


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